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Mt. Putuoshan

Mt. Putuoshan locates on Zhoushan Island of Zhejiang Province off the east coast of China. With a total area of 12.5 square kilometers, Mt. Putuoshan takes most of the small rhomboidal land mass. There is a group of islands off the coast, and Zhoushan is the largest one. These islands come from the submerged mountains in the sea, and the islands rise steeply from the sea.

The mountain is one of the four sacred Buddhist holly mountains in China. Monasteries and monasteries dominate the whole mountain area, so that the mountain was praised as the "Heaven of the Sea and Kingdom of the Buddhists" when it comes to its heyday. It is actually the paradise for the Monasteries and nunneries, and for the monks and nuns. Nowadays, the monks and nuns still wear their traditional robes and they still pray as their Buddha did. Visitors to the island may encounter one or two walking on the picturesque landscape. The pilgrims flock there every day to pray.

The major sites to visit on the island are:

Fayu Monastery: This monastery dates back to 15th century. It hides itself in the lofty hills and flourishing trees. Puji Monastery: This Monastery can be traced back to 11th century, with an area of 11,000 square meters.

The center of the island is covered in forests. The rich green forests and tranquil setting are suitable for temple and the monks and nuns. Some of the trees grow thousand years with a circumference over 6 meters. Visitors will be attracted by the sandy shores, either. The shores there were praised as Thousand-Step Sands for its 1500-meter long beach. It is also special feature of the island. The monasteries, the nunneries, the sandy beach and the tranquil scenery combine together to show the picturesque landscape of the island

Mt. Putuoshan Notes


The admission fee depends on the time. It charges CNY 140 from Dec.1 to Jan.31, CNY 160 from Feb.1 to Nov.30, and CNY 200 during the legal holidays. With the ticket, you can visit the Puji Monastery, the Fayu Monastery, the Violet Bamboo Grove Buddhist Monastery, the Standing Kwan-yin Statue and the Luojia Hill. A round-trip cable car and one-way cable car are also available with this ticket.