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Xitang Village

Lying in Jiashan County, Zhejiang, Xitang enjoys thousands of years of history. Rivers run through the quiet and natural environs of the town, with blue water sparkling everywhere. Xitang is a fairyland. When visitors wander in the town, the feeling is like moving a picture. The ancient buildings, in which corridors, lanes, and bridges are built, scatter along the river.


1. Covered Corridor

The covered corridor is the most distinctive feature of this water towns. The whole1, 000 meters long covered corridor consists of many sections. The corridor is usually tile-roofed and built along the riverside. It can provide shelter for the visitors. So visitors in Xitang can never be caught in the rain or heated by sunlight. The corridor is carved with decorative patterns, and they are praised as the most elegant artistic corridor.

2. Bridges

The bridges are used as links from one place to another place. They are convenient and beautiful. The bridges scatter along the lanes in different shapes. Some of the bridges connect with legends. The bridges scatter along the clean water and making the rivers cut by excellent bridges.

3. Houses

There are no newer houses in Xitang. The historic houses boast their value of culture. The houses also show the excellent skills of the houses owners. The houses themselves are also the cultural relics. To this day there are exhibitions of the ancient rare books of the owners passed down from generation to generation or rubbings from a stone inscription of a famous calligrapher. It is common that the grass grow on the roof of the houses. The grass on the top of the roof is said to be the spirit of the former owners, and it is a symbol of peace, prosperity.

4. Lanes

Lanes in Xitang range greatly in width, length and color. They are used to be the drain of families and artery in the town. The narrowest lane in the town is 80cm, with 2 people passing through at a time.
The lanes connect the families into a organic net, and you can go to anywhere from any place.

Xitang Village Notes


Admission Fee for Xitang is CNY 100, including both the scenic region and 11 sightseeing spots, and it opens for the whole day.

Xitang Village Remark

Visitors from Shanghai:
Waiting hall: No. 5 gate of Shanghai gymnasium, Xuhui District
Departing time: 09:00 AM, every Saturday and Sunday

Visitors from Nanjing:
Waiting hall: East Long-distance Bus Station
Departing time: 14:40 pm, every day

Visitors from Jiashan County:
Waiting hall: Jiashan Bus Station
Departing time: every 10 minutes

Special Travel Bus Line:
Address: under the No. 5 escalator of Shanghai Stadium
Operating time: departure at 08:35 am every day and return at 16:30 pm. In weekend, the time is 09:00 am and16:00 pm respectively.