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  • Hangzhou Climate

  • Located along the River of Qiantang and closer to the East China Sea, Hangzhou is within the zone of subtropical monsoon climate, which features mild moist weather and distinct seasons. The temperature averages 28.6℃ (83.5F) in summer and 3.8℃ (38.8F) in winter.

    In spring, when the temperature averages between 9-15℃ in April and May, it is the ideal time to visit Chongqing according to the common rule. Rains and even showers mainly occur in June, July, and August. Chongqing steps into the well-known Plum Rain Season in China in the end of June and lasts to the early July. You are recommended to take an umbrella with you in case of rains.

    In early August, several typhoons will strike Hangzhou, and bring heavy rainfall to the city. It is a dangerous period to stay out. And a raincoat rather than umbrella is useful when typhoons coming. The weather will turn to be excellent in September and October, during which you can take photos of West Lake in the clear sky and bracing air.

    As a south city, the houses were not equipped with central heating system, so you will find it cold in winter. But the air conditioners can be useful when necessary. And if you plan to visit at this season, warm clothes are musts.