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  • Hangzhou Food and Restaurants

  • Zhejiang Cuisine, which contains Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing Cuisines, is one of the eight major Chinese cooking styles and well known for its tenderness, freshness and crispness and lightness flavors, someone say Zhejing Cuisine is bland and tasteless, and someone say Zhejiang Cuisine is a great relief from the greasy and spicy Sichuan cuisines. On the other hand, it is also possible to have Sichuan, Shaanxi or Guangzhou cuisines in Hangzhou for it is a hot tourist destination.


    • 1. Here listed below are the most famous Hangzhou Local foods


    (1) West Lake Vinegar Fish (Xi Hu Cu Yu)
    The fish comes from West Lake, and the dish added with sweet and sour sauce tastes very sour and sweet

    Firstly, wrap the whole chicken (soaked with Shaoxing wine and stuffed with fried pork) with lotus leaves and coat it with a layer of mud, at last bake it until the mud becomes dry.

    (2) Beggar's Chicken (Jiao Hua Ji)

     (3) Dongpo Pork (Dong Po Rou)
    Very fatty (around a 50-50 fat-meat ratio) but not greasy, extremely flavorful and rather melts on the tongue

    (4) Dragon Well Shrimp with Tea (Long Jing Xia Ren)
    Flavor the delicate white shrimp, green lotus shoots with Dragon Well Tea


    • 2. Here listed below are the most famous Hangzhou snacks


    (1) "Pian Er Chuan" Noodle
    Served in spiced broth and topped with pork, bamboo shoots and a locally-grown vegetable called xue cai (snow greens)

    (2) Kuiyuan Restaurant
    Focuses on the noodles and regional famous snacks
    Address: 1-4 Jiefang Street
    Tel: 0571-87065921

    (3) Congbaogui
    Three strips of twisted dough, which are stuffed with onion and wrapped in rice paper, are heated until the outer crust becomes crispy.

    (4) Wu Hill Crisp Cakes
    A fried crispy cake which is made of flour and white sugar

    • 3. Here listed below is the most typical food street in Hangzhou

    Hangzhou Hefang Food Street
    Located at the foot of Wushan Mountain with plenty of snack bars offering Hangzhou local food and specialties