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  • Hangzhou Nightlife

  • Night View in Hangzhou is very different with the daytime, and the view of water scenery with music fountain is very charming and usually crowded with numerous tourists and peddlers.


    • 1.Bars and Clubs

    (1) Paradise Rock Bar
    Caters to Western tastes in beer, drinks and music
    Location: 15 Hubin Road, Hangzhou

    (2) Meng Zhi Hu Bar
    Very impressive wooden furniture
    Location: 103 Nanshan Road

    (3) Goleden Time (Jin bi Hui Huang)
    A large entertainment centre with Discos, KTV, a jazz bar and coffee bar
    Location: 169 Qingchun Road, Hangzhou

    • 2.Cafes

    (1) Blue Mountain Coffee House
    The most classical coffee house and famous people in Hangzhou often assemble at this spot.
    Location: 56-58 Dingan Road, Shangcheng District

    (2) Roman Holiday House
    Offering authentic Italian coffee and specialized service
    Location: 152 Nanshan Road

    • 3.Tea Houses

    (1) Chenghuang Tea house
    A classical building with five layers
    Location: 3 Wushan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

    (2) Hu Pan Ju Tea House
    A famous tea house with a nice view of West Lake
    Location: 23 Hubin Road


    • 4.Cinemas

    (1) Qingchun Film City
    Location: 60 Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District

    (2) West Lake Cinema
    Location: 95 Pinghai Road, Shangcheng District