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Hangzhou Tours

There is an old Chinese saying that: "There is paradise in the heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on the earth". Hangzhou is famous as her impressive natural beauty and historical heritage sites. And she will offer you a very special cultural tour experience. Here we provide various Hangzhou tour packages, Hangzhou city tours and Hangzhou tours to her side. If you can not find one you like, you can also customize Hangzhou travel with us.

Hangzhou Private Tour

3 Days Hangzhou Sightseeing Tour      From $152 p/p
7 Days Hangzhou and Mt. Putuo Tour      From $774 p/p
2 Days Hangzhou Highlights Tour      From $139 p/p
1 Day Hangzhou Essence Tour      From $70 p/p
4 Days Hangzhou Wonderful Private Tour      From $634 p/p

It is a delight experience to explore this enchanting land, just like stepping into a traditional Chinese watercolor painting. The willow-lined West Lake, the ancient pagodas and temples, cloud-shrouded hills inspired many poets and painter; all include unique legends and stories. You will explore them in this Hangzhou travel.

Hangzhou Coach Tour

1 Day Best Hangzhou Bus Trip      From $159 p/p
1 Day Hangzhou Culture Tour      From $40 p/p
1 Day Picturesque Hangzhou Coach Tour      From $30 p/p

Take a Hangzhou Coach Tour with us to explore the well-known historical and cultural sites in the areas around West Lake, examples are the Lingyin Temple and Six Harmonies Pagoda. Further more, it also combined with a visit to a plantation of tea, most famous product of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Theme Tours

3 Days Hangzhou Tea Culture Tour      From $152 p/p
1 Day West Lake Night Cruising Tour      From $12 p/p
1 Day Hangzhou Shopping Tour      From $52 p/p

As a birthplace of Longjing tea, the most famous product of Hangzhou is tea. In this tour, you will have the chance to enter a tea plantation, see its manufacture, and even pick the tender tea leaves in April or May. You can learn deeper of local culture of tea.


Hangzhou Side Tours

1 Day Hangzhou and Thousand Islands Lake Tour      From $114 p/p
1 Day Hangzhou Side Trip to Zhouzhuang      From $139 p/p
4 Days Hangzhou Side Trip to Wuzhen      From $495 p/p

Hangzhou enjoys the fame as beautiful as Heaven. The famous tourist sites include West Lake, Longjing Tea Village, etc. In fact, the surrounding cities are also great to visit. For example, Thousand Islands Lake, will be a very interesting tour destination.