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The Ice and Snow World



Since the first Ice and Snow World was built at the bank of the Songhua River at the end of 1999, the Ice and Snow World is held every year with the elite of the ice and snow arts of the world. It mixes the new creative ideas, artistic presentation, mass participation and recreation. The scene is majestic, reputed as "the Ice and Snow Epic Picture". However, since the first time of the Grand World of Ice and SNOW, the sites was changed in several times.

The 3rd Grand World of Ice and Snow, which was held in 2001, was held in the Western Region of the Sun Island at the north bank of the Songhua River. Including the Grand World of Ice and Snow, the Western Region covers a total area of 2,820,000 square meters. On the site, there is a tourist holiday village now. One of its main parts is the building of the Four Season Amusement Park, which takes the building of the ecological natural landscape as the main line. Develop and construct the golf course that can reach the international standard, the aquatic Amusement park, the sports facilities for recreation and the Europe-style landscape.


The Ice and Snow World Notes

How to get there: By the tourist line from Youyi Road Station to Grand World of Ice of Snow by way of the Youyi Road and the Gonglu Bridge. It runs from 09:00am-10:00pm
Double-decker Bus 88 or 118
Take bus 12, 14, 22, 65 or 67 to the Gonglu Bridge and then transfer to Bus 80, 85 or 346 and get off at Grand World of the Ice and Snow.