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  • Hohhot Food and Restaurants

  • Food of Hohhot has strong ethnic features, which is deeply influenced by the customs of herdsmen and related to Mongolian cuisine and dairy products, such as roasted whole sheep, roasted mutton leg, Fried sheep tail etc. Besides, Hohhot also has long history and tradition of making the hot pot and Shaomai, and there is also a wide selection of Korean and Muslim restaurants and abroad restaurants in Hohhot.

    • 1. Here listed below are the most famous Hohhot Local foods


    (1) All-Fish Banquet (Quan Yu Yan)
    Kinds of fish (such as squirrelfish, carp with lotus, carp, white fish etc) are prepared in over dozens of ways and served at the all-fish banquet. The tastes are rich and very different with the Southern China’s.

    (2) Roasted Lamb (Kao Quan Yang)
    Succulent and hearty Mongolians favorite whole roasted lamb is served for some special occasions, such as the arrival of some important guests or wedding ceremonies or etc.

    (3) Shaomai
    The steamed Hohhot dumplings stuffed with a variety of tasty ingredients featuring thin wrappers and savory fillings.

    (4) Mongolian Hotpot (Shuan Yang Rou)
    The most important part of Hot pot of Northern China, toss the paper-thin slices of mutton into the bubbling broth in winter will be a great enjoyment.

    (5) Roasted Mutton Leg (Kao Yang Tui)
    The most tender and delicious dish of Mongolian flavor

    (6) Finger Mutton (Shou Ba Rou)
    A famous Mongolian dish which is originally eaten with the bare hand

    • 2. Here listed below are the most typical restaurants in Hohhot


    (1) Malaqin Restaurant
    Offers Mongolian style food, such as roasted mutton leg, roasted mutton tail, mutton barbeque etc
    Address: Xincheng West Street

    (2) Gufengxuan Restaurant
    An old restaurant featuring Muslim dishes, such as mince pie, mutton barbeque, roasted beef, sesame mutton, etc
    Address: Zhongshan West Rd

    (3) Aixin Vegetarian Restaurant
    Address: Guanyin Miao Lane, Yuquan District, Hohhot

    (4) Western restaurants
    Xin Cheng Hotel (5-star)
    Inner Mongolia Hotel (5-star)
    Phoenix Hotel Inner Mongolia (4-star)
    Zhao Jun Hotel (3-star)