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Mai Po Natural Reserve

Surrounded by the wetlands Hong Kong, Mai Po and the Inner Deep Bay are both located in the northwestern corner of Hong Kong, which have been heaven -on-Earth for birds for many years. In the past, people didn't take any measures to protect this area, but since 1976, this area has been regarded as an important conservation resource for scientific research. In 1984, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) began to manage the reserve. In 1995, 1,500-hectares (3,707 acres) of wetlands around Mai Po and the Inner Deep Bay were set aside as international wetlands of great importance.

Entering the reserve, you can find 7 species of reptiles, 21 species of amphibians, 24 kinds of mammals, more than 31 species of fish, 380 varieties of birds and 400 species of invertebrates. Moreover, about 250 plants can be seen there. In addition, you can observe various beautiful birds here. The name of 'Bird's Paradise' is deserves. Actually, around the end of fall annually, thousands of birds fly to Mai Po to spend the winter. And many of them are the world's endangered birds, which you seldom see in other places.

When spring comes, many birds leave. However, there are many other interesting things in maintaining a lively atmosphere. Shrimp become active and butterflies, dragonflies and many other insects can be seen here and there. You can gain a lot of enjoyment to play with them.

It is recommended to join public tour groups, such as an All-Year Tour, a Fall-Winter Tour and a Spring-Summer Tour if you are visiting Mai Po Natural Reserve. Each tour provides different activities for you. For example, if participating the All-year Tour, you can experience the activities of exploring Mai Po, joining in a DIY Workshop, and enjoying a program called Mai Po for Overseas Naturalists. In a word, it deserves a visit.

Mai Po Natural Reserve Notes

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How to get there
1. Go to Mai Po from Sheung Shui MTR Station:
By Public Light Bus (red vans)
In San Fat Street, next to Sheung Shui Landmark, take the Public Light Bus (minibus) No.17 to Mai Po Village. Then, it is a 20 minute walk to your destination.
By Bus
Take KMB Bus No.76K on Choi Yuen Road opposite the Sheung Shui MTR Station and get off at Mai Po Village.
By Taxi
Take a green taxi from Sheung Shui MTR Station to your destination. It will cost you about HK$70.
2. Go to Mai Po from the Yuen Long Station of West Rail
By public light bus
Take Minibus No.17 from Shui Che Kwun Street, Yuen Long to Tam Kon Chau Road. Then, take a 20-minute walk to the reserve.
By Bus
Take KMB Bus No.76K from Long Yat Road near Yuen Long Center to Mai Po Village. Then, walk for about 20 minutes to the reserve.
By Taxi
Take a green taxi from the Yuen Long Station of the West Rail to your destination. The cost is about HK$60.