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  • Hong Kong Climate

  • Influenced greatly by oceans, Hong Kong has a tropical monsoon climate. Hong Kong's climate has the features of both continent and ocean climates, because the cold Northeast Monsoon from the mainland and the Southeast and Southwest Monsoons from the oceans dominated this region by turn.

    The average annual temperature in Hong Kong is about 22C with about 100 days over 30C, and less than 30 days under 10C. And the average temperature of the chilliest month is still above 3C. Therefore Hong Kong features a long summer period, which means there's no extreme coldness in Hong Kong.

    The cold air from Siberia goes down via the northern continent to the peninsular in January to February, so it is the coldest period in Hong Kong, and sometimes the temperature plummets to 10C below zero. For travelers who want to spend winter in this city, woolen clothes and overcoats are necessary to keep warm.

    In March and April, when the southeast winds bring warm and humidity to this area, spring also steps into this city with the warm wind. Most of the days are filled with sunshine, and mild nighttime temperature is typically accompanied. But during a few days when it is foggy and rainy, sweatshirts and light jackets must be packed when visiting the city.

    Hong Kong steps into summer in May, and lasts till the end of September, during which frequent typhoons might be filled from July to September. Rainstorms, thunderstorms and even disastrous waterspouts are common in this period as a result of extreme high temperatures and heavy humidity. It is not a good idea to visit Hong Kong in typhoon season, and when storms and cyclones come, you would better stay at home. T-shirt and light cottons are suitable for the hot and humid days and raingear is an additional must for the rainy days.

    In October, with disappearing of the intense southwest winds, the winds from the northern continent bring this region a mild autumn. Generally speaking, it is the most comfortable time of year for traveling in this area. Sweaters and jackets are suitable clothes for going out after hours.

    Temperatures start to drop gradually in November, which means the beginning of cold period.