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Hong Kong Tours

Hong Kong is a shopping pradise and also to be the most popular travel destination in Asia. Here we provide many HK city tours, Hong Kong tours to her side like Macau, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong airport transfers. You may also customize a Hong Kong Travel to suit your needs.

Hong Kong Private Tours

3 Days Hong Kong Sightseeing Trip      From $330 p/p
5 Days Full View of Hong Kong City Tour      From $1334 p/p
4 Days Family Trip to Hong Kong      From $1080 p/p
3 Days Hong Kong Island Tour      From $583 p/p

Hong Kong is a city for tourism as well as a fine place for shopping, food and recreation. This HK tour provides the service of Hong Kong local tour reservation for our clients. You will feel the modernazation and prosperity of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland Tour

1 Day Hong Kong Disneyland Tour      From $114 p/p

You will step into a wondrous world of exciting and enchanting lands. Enjoy timeless tales and thrilling adventures in fun-filled attractions as dreams are brought magically to life for the young and the young at heart — creating memories that last forever in Hong Kong Disneyland tours.

Hong Kong Side Tours

4 Days Hong Kong Side Tour to Macau      From $851 p/p
6 Days Hong Kong Side Tour to Xian      From $1295 p/p
4 Days Hong Kong Side Tour to Guilin      From $889 p/p

Hong Kong is an international metroplis. And the cities neighboring Hong Kong have also witnessed great development. Take a side tour to Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc., and see more of the modern China. You may also take a side tour to Guilin to appreciate the extraordinary natural beauty of China.

Hong Kong Coach Tours

2 Days Hong Kong and Guangzhou Group Tour      From $470 p/p
1 Day Hong Kong Discount Coach Travel      From $381 p/p
2 Days Hong Kong & Macau Coach Tour      From $176 p/p

The tour cost in Hong Kong is generally higher than in mainland China. To join a coach tour is a good choice for visitors with a budget. You may share the joy of the trip with new friends in your group as well.