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Mount Huangshan

Located in the south of Anhui Province, China, Yellow Mountain is well-known in the world for its four breathtaking sights: odd-shaded pines, grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and hot springs. Yellow Mountain covers an area of 1200 square kilometers, with a well developed scenic area of 154 square kilometers. It is said Yellow Mountain was named after one of Chinese ancestors, Huangdi, who once lived there and refined precious medicines for his descendents.

Yellow Mountain can be regarded as a fairyland on earth. Lakes, waterfalls, springs, brooks, pines and peaks show their beauty at the same time all year round. A-Shaped Waterfall, Triple-overlapping Spring, the White Cloud Brook and the Thousand-foot Waterfall sings with sprinkling steam; the Heavenly Capital Peak, the Lotus Peak and the Bright-top Peak erect nearly to the sky; odd-shaped rocks such as the Flying-over rock, the Ladder on the Clouds, the Immortal Pointing the Way and the Flower Grown out of Brush scatter among the sea of clouds. The Welcoming Guest Pine waves her hand all over the year, and the Mercy Light Temple, the Cloud Valley Temple and the Pine Valley Nunnery sees thousands of visitors every day. In addition, the Jade Valley is usually regarded as “the valley of love”, which is a wonderland for those in love. Yellow Mountain was listed as UNESCO Human Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1990 and the National AAAAA-level Tourist Destination in 2007.

Mount Huangshan Notes

1. You can climb on foot from the Cloud Valley Temple, which is much laborsaving than other routes. If you plan to take cable cars, you can start you journey from the Mercy Light Temple.
2. You would better bring as fewer baggages as you can in case of exhaustion. 
3. The weather in mountain area fluctuates greatly and it blows heavily when raining, so that raincoats but not umbrellas are necessary.
4. Do not climb when thundering, especially higher peaks. Do not touch steel-made chains.
5. It is cold at night and in the morning, so that sweater and other warm clothes are must, which can also be purchased in the hotels.  
6. Comfortable shoes suitable for walking are also necessary, and a walking stick can help you too.


Mount Huangshan Remark

Best time to visit
Actually Yellow Mountain is suitable for visiting for every season. You can appreciate odd-shaped pines and grotesque rocks in sunny days, enjoy the rolling sea of clouds in cloudy days, seek for running brooks and flying waterfalls in rainy days, watch the frosty trunks and icy leaves in snowy days, and hear the whistling pines in the hollow vales.

In spring, you can appreciate the blooming flowers and green pine branches and hear the singing birds flying over.

In summer, you can relax yourself in such a summer resort.

In autumn, you can watch the evergreen pines, sea of clouds, the mossy rocks, the red maples and the chrysanthemum.

In winter, you may be surprised by the flowers of ice, the frosty trunks and icy leaves and the hot spring will help you free from exhaustion.