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Shexian County

Location of Shexian County

Shexian County, a well-known historical and cultural city, is situated in southeast Anhui Province, under the foot of the reputed Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan). Besides its amazing natural sceney, which is encircleded by green mountains and tranquil water, it is also rich in cultural relics, memorial temples, memorial arches and distinctive residences, it can be seen as an art museum of classical architecture actually.


Features of Shexian County

You can fully feast your eyes with the well-preserved ancient bridges, lanes, towers and wells of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties styles almost everywhere. With such wonderful natural scenery and sophisticated architecture, Shexin County win the reputation of water town, mountain town and bridge town. In history, it has been a place favored by Chinese literati, there still leaces quite a lot historical remains of their footmarks. Ancestral Temples, Ancient Residential Houses and Town of Arch are three widely recognized wonders for experts all over the world reputed it as "A Naturally Formed Classical Architectural Arts Museum".

The old city of Shexian County constituted of Xian Cheng and Fu Cheng. Fu Cheng was initially constructed in the late Sui Dynasty (581-618), and expanded in Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the later scale. The city wall you can still see today was established along the mountain ridge at a length of around 1,640 yards. The most amazing thing is that some constructions built before Song Dynasty (960-1279) are still well-preserved and you can have appraciate to the best, like Yinggong Well, Hama (Toad) Well and Dagu Well; some old streets, like Zhongshan Road, Doushan Street and Dabei Street are generally remained their styles of Ming-Qing Dynasties. There are 16 Ming-Qing arches in Fu Cheng and Xian Cheng in total.

Shexian County was called Huizhou once in history for it is the home where Hui Culture (one of the three regional cultures in China) began. As the old Chinese saying goes that fantastic place breeds talents, in history, there arises quite a lot celebrities skilled in different fields of study in this picturesque place, like, Bi Sheng, the inventor of movable type writing; Zhu Xi, a famous thinker in Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279); Tao Xingzhi, a great educator; Huang Binhong, a well-known modern painter. In history, these celebrities have done quite a lot contributions to the expanding of Chinese culture, like Architecture of Hui Style, Xin'an painting school, Drama of Hui School, Xin'an Medicine and Hui Style Dishes.

What's more, Shexian County products a number of local specialties, like honey date, diversified famous teas including Huangshan Green Peony Tea, Huangshan Maofeng Tea and Dinggu Dafang Tea, considered by the locals as invaluable treasures.