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Tangyue Memorial Archway

Location of Tangyue Memorial Archway


In 1996, under the approval of the State Council, Tangyue Memorial Archways, a complex of seven arches was listed as a key national cultural protection unit. Tangyue Memorial Archway was located in Tangyue village, which is six kilometers (four miles) west of the noted Town of Arches - Shexian County, Huangshan City.


Featuers of Tangyue Memorial Archway

The seven memorial archways, standing in the main street of Tangyue Village representing "loyalty, filial piety, chastity and charity" were established by the Baos in memory of the merits and virtues of their family members. Three of which were constructed in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and the other four in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The oldest archway has already had a long history of more than 580 years, which can be dated back to 1420 during the reign of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty, while the youngest one in 1820 under the reign of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty.

Every archway bears a touching story, among which the most widely-known ones are related to "Jie Jin San Dong Archway" (Chastity Archway) and "Ci Xiao Li Archway" (Filial Piety Archway). The building of "Jie Jin San Dong Archway" was for commenting a stepmother who kept chaste and and motherly when cultivating her stepchild after her husband died. Record says that, a widow whose surname is Wu, the second wife of Bao Wen, lost her husband when she was 29. She died 31 years later and her kind-hearted action moved the local officials, so they decided to build an archway to honor her despite of the convention that erecting an archway for a step-wife was prohibited. 
The "Ci Xiao Li Archway" was built in honor of Bao Sheyan and Bao Shousun (father and son). Record says that they two were captured by a general, one of them would be executed. However, they two love each deeply and both would like to sacrifice to save the other one. Finally, their action and delicate sentiments moved the general, and they both be released. Later, an archway to praise their filial piety and self-sacrificial spirit was approved to be erected.

Adjacent to the seven archways stand Nvci and Nanci, also called Qingyi Ancestral Temple and Dunben Ancestral Temple respectively. The ancestral temple was to honor the distinguished women and men in the Baos. Nvci is quite important in studying the patriarchal clan system, as in China's feudal society, it was rare for women to have the privilege to be honored in an ancestral temple not only in Huangshan but also a common phenomenon all over China.

Tangyue Memorial Archway Notes

1.Admission Fee: Through ticket CNY 80 including Tangyue Memorial Archways and the Family Bao's Garden.
2.Opening Hours: 07:30-17:30
(1) By Bus: Shexian County Railway Station has buses to Tangyue Memorial Archways, which is only 6 km west of the country seat of Shexian.
(2) You can just take a taxi to the archways from Shexian.