World Horticultural Expo 2011, Xian


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World Horticultural Expo 2011, Xi'an

Host City: Xian City, Shaanxi Province, China

Site: Chan Ba Ecological District (浐灞生态区)

Period: Apr. 28 to Oct. 22, 2011

Slogan: Green Leads the Trend

Emblem: Chang’an Flower

Mascot: Chang’an Flower (inspired by the Xian city flower, pomegranate blossom)

Concept: Love of simplicity; Striving for a low carbon lifestyle; Returning to nature - Making green our fashion pursuit

Theme: Eternal peace and harmony between nature & mankind, nurturing the future earth---a city for nature, co-existing in peace

How to Understand the Chang’an Flower

1. The triangle at the flower center is in the shape of the Chinese character 人 (people), implying civilization, responsibility and reason.

2. The second layer is a rectangle, which looks like the ancient City Wall of Xian, presenting a living environment.

3. The pentagon of the third layer is a five-petaled flower, symbolizing all the things in nature.

4. The outmost hexagon is a snowflake and the appearance of running water, indicating a tolerant universe.

5. The entire Chang'an Flower embodies the harmonious co-existence of human beings, cities, nature and the universe, corresponding to the exposition's them.

Xian, which is also known as Chang’an in the ancient China times, has been the capital of 13 dynasties in Chinese long history. Besides, this is the third time that China hosts the International Horticultural Exposition. The other two are in Kunming city in 1999 and Shenyang city in 2006. The International Horticultural Exposition this time was classified as an A2+B1 level exhibition attracted more than 105 participants in cities and organizations from home and abroad, and it is estimated to attract 12,000, 000 visitors this time. Besides, the Guangyun Lake Ecological Scenic Area, in the Chan Ba Ecological District, is the core of the the Exhibition area where covers 4.18 s k. Guangyun Lake is located in the northeast of Xian city, about 20 minutes driving distance to city center and 40 minutes driving distance to Xianyang International Airport. Besides, in ancient China, Guangyun Lake is one of the great water transportations holding water transport exposition and trade fair here to show the prosperity and promote the commerce and trade.

Moreover, it is also a nice chance to have close encounters with Qingning Mountains Four Treasures: Panda, Golden monkey, Nipponia Nippon, Takin.