Too Delicious To Miss in Xi'an


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Xi'an is not only a famous tourism city, but also a food city teemed with delicacies. Here one can enjoy Shaanxi gourmet food. Xi'an diet culture is permeated with full-bodied northwest charm. Tasting Xi'an numerous flavor snacks is a great joy in Xi'an travel. The meat clip buns, mutton bubble buns, cold noodle, roast pork, etc, all of these are familiar snack names in this locality.
It is indispensable to taste those local gourmets that give you the deepest thought and permanent impression of the old city Xi'an.Here we’d like to introduce you some well-known local eating restaurants.
1. Honghong sour pickled cabbage fried rice(红红酸菜炒米)

Honghong is the name of a eating house. Its specialty is sour pickled cabbage fried rice. This specialty mixes the acid of sour pickled cabbage acid and the sweet of oil, tasted acid and spicy, sweet but not greasy.

2.Jiasan irrigated soup bun(贾三灌汤包)

Jiasan is a celebrity in Xi'an city. He initiated the bun with delicate soup inside. Jiasan bun is a rarity in Xi'an cuisine and represents regional snacks features and Muslim diet culture in Xi'an.

3. Shengjia cold noodle(盛家凉皮)

Shengjia cold noodle is very slippery. Sesame leads the main flavor in sauce. There always packed a lot of diners. You should not miss.

4.Dingjia crisp flesh(定家小酥肉)

Dingjia crisp flesh is steamed meat regiment in a small basin. It tastes some oil. But you won't want to miss.

5.Moussa casserole(穆萨砂锅)

Moussa casserole is a large collection of sundry casseroles. Cow tailing pot is moussa most famous masterpiece. Cow tripe casserole is also delicious. The tripe is stewed, very tasty. There are kelp, bean curd, soya sheet, green vegetables inside the casserole with spilling a bunch of pepper.

6.Gaojia barbecue(高家烤肉)

An old saying goes: "good wine needs no bush". It is not easy to find Gaojia barbecue because of its concealed locaotion. This Barbecue retains Xi’an primitive taste and a little salty but suitable for natives’ preferences. Gaojia is also a Muslim restaurant so that the wine is not available. It’s a real local delicacy.

7.Mirror cake(镜糕)

Mirror cake is a snack more than food. It is very small with easy fabrication and materials. The glutinous rice powder is put into cages of diameter about six centimeters in size and steamed into just a few minutes. The mirror cakes poured from the cages are three centimeters thick, with small round shape like a mirror.