Enjoy Blooming Flowers in Nyingchi


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June and July are the best time to enjoy the most beautiful view in Nyingchi, almost all the flowers are in full bloom, and it is not too hot this time. It enjoys the fame "a place for celestial beings".
In June and July, flourishing azalea and paeonia lutea cover the whole hillside, and extending to the river valley. The bright color highly contrast with the snow white on the mountains far away. On Segrila Mountain, you can feast your eyes with seas of azalea, and standing on the peak, you can also see in distance the father of glacier--Namjagbrawa Peak, the 14th mountain in the height. In Zhagong ditch, to enjoy the rare paeonia lutea is a must, paeonia lutea has already been listed as endangered species, which can only be found dotted in Sichuan, Yunnan and southeast Tibet.

Transportation to Nyingchi: As it is situated in the river valley of Brahmaputra River, the most convinient and fastest way to there may be fly from Chengdu.
Travel Notes: the weather in Nyingchi is cool while the temperature in one day can be greatly different, so take more clothes is better.