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Id Kah Mosque

Located on the central square in Kashgar City, Id Kah Mosque is the biggest mosque in China, consisting of a group of old Islamic constructions with strong ethnic style and religious features.

Id Kah means a place of praying and celebrating in festivals. However, it is said that this place was once a cemetery. With an area of over 16,800 square meters, this Id Kah Mosque consists of the courtyard, the Hall of Prayer, and the gate tower and as well as some other attached structures, which was built originally in 1442. 

Entering the gate, visitors will find there is a big courtyard filling of the forest-like prosperous poplar trees and pines. A pond with limpid water is a bright mirror enclosed by the green trees.
The Hall of Prayer locates on a high dais in the west end of the mosque. The roof is held by light blue pillars which form a rectangular shape. Around the roof and the pillars are exquisite carvings and beautiful pictures. The brick gate tower, which faces the Id Kah Square, is full of elaborate flower-pattern green carvings.

Moreover, every Friday afternoon, the Muslims, who live far and near, gather here to worship, as well as during other religious festivals of all the Muslims.

Id Kah Mosque Notes

Admission Fee: CNY 15

Opening Hours: 08:50 to 10:00

Recommended Time for a Visit: One hour

Bus Route: 77, 13