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    Kashgar city is located in the southwest of Xinjiang Autonomous Region bordering the Taklamakan desert in the east, the Kunlun Range and Ali prefecture of in the south.


    History of Kashgar

    Such a misterious city has a history of more than 2000 years, belonged to the Zhuangpu prefectural General's Office of the HunIn in Han dynasty, there after, submitted to the authorities of the Western Han dynasty after the trading links with Han formed by Zhang Qian - the special envoy to the Western Region sent by Emperor Wudi, one of the four important towns in Anxi during Tang dyansty, later becoming the seat of government of the Kashgar Councillor in Qing Dynasty. However, the climatic features here is mainly a continental climate, varied greatly with topography as plain climate, desert climate and mountain climate, frost-free period of 215 days. Average temperature is 11.7C annually with the lowest of -24.4C and the highest of 40.1C.



    The most famous mountain is Mt. Kongur, which is considering the symbol of the charming city, while the rivers are Yarhant River, Kashgar River, which provides people here for the drink. The products here are mainly wheat, maize cotton, barley, highland barley, rape, sesame, peanuts and flax. People here are very simple and friendly; the local highlights are kashgar's local songs and dance, crafts, roast lamb, shishi-kebab, and baled fish.

    In the side of natural scenery, there are the world's second high peak-Djoghri Peak, Muztag Peak, Original Populus Euphratica, desert, oasis, glaciers, schrenk and fortest for tourist visiting. It's have to say that Kashgar is also the famous “the hometown of fruits”, be rich in pomegranates, grapes, fig, almond, mulberry, peach, Jiashi melon and so on.

    Nowadays Kashgar is a significant city just considered as western Shenzhen, it is very important in the west of China. In the future it will be a World-class metropolis.