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  • Lhasa Climate

  • With an altitude of 3650 meters, Lhasa has a highland temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. Lhasa is a city with considerable annual rainfall, most of which occurs at nights from June to September.

    The thin air and the comparatively low temperature in Lhasa result from its high altitude. And there is also a sharp difference between day and night in a single day. It is quite dry and windy in spring and winter in Lhasa, so the ideal time to travel in Lhasa is from March to October, during which the climate becomes mild and humid. Generally the May Day Holiday is the beginning of the traveling season. The May Day is the peak tourist time in China, so it is advisable to avoid these days. But after the peak time, it is real the starting time for Lhasa traveling.

    Despite the amount of sunlight in Tibet, there is a sharp difference between day and night in a single day. It is chilly at night and sunny at day. Therefore, it is wise to bring winter clothes. Generally speaking, clothes like T-shirt, overcoat and jeans and Sunhats, sunglasses and suntan lotion are necessities. And if you are going to watch the sunrise at mountains, warm winter clothes are a must to protect frostbite. The ultraviolet light is quite strong in this high-altitude area, therefore it is recommended to bring sunscreens and sunglasses with you. What's more, lipstick is also necessary in such a windy and dry plateau.