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  • Lhasa Food and Restaurants

  • Food in Lhasa includes Tibetan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Indian food, Nepalese food and western dishes. However, Sichuan food in Lhasa is more expensive than other cities’. Moreover, as the western food, the star-rated hotels will be the better place to have it with better dinning environments.


    • 1. Here listed below are the most famous Lhasa Local foods


    (1) Qingke
    Qingkeflour is main ingredient of tsampa, which is a Tibetan traditional food, and sprinkle tsampa is an important part of Tibetan religious festivals

    (2) Beef and Mutton
    The air-dried beef, mutton are the main foods of Tibetans, and only can be seen in Tibet

    (3) Mashed Yak Meat
    Mashed yak meat is a mixture of some Tibetan medicine and mashed raw beef (yak meat)


    • 2. Here listed below are the most typical restaurants in Lhasa


    (1) Tong Guo Yu
    Sells traditional Yunnan Cuisine, such as spicy fish in Copper Pot, characteristic rice
    Location: near Potala Palace, Lhasa

    (2) Wan De Fu Vegetarian Restaurant
    Location: near West Gate of Tibetan University, Linju Rd, Lhasa
    Tel: 0891-6363494

    (3) Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant
    Offers traditional Chinese dishes without meat, and alcohol is forbidden here too
    Location: Linkuo Dong Rd, near the Lhasa Public Security Bureau, Lhasa

    (4) Ba Guo Bu Yi
    Chain Sichuan cuisine restaurant
    Location: 18 Norbulinka Rd, Lhasa
    Tel:0891 6810 888

    (5) Chengdu Rong Cheng Lao Ma, Lhasa Branch
    Chain Sichuan hotpot restaurant
    Location: 47 Beijing Zhong Rd, Lhasa

    (6) Shengcheng Restaurant
    Location: 64 Beijing Zhong Rd, Lhasa

    (7) Taiyang Dao Restaurant
    Location: Zhonghe International City, Sun Island (Taiyangdao), Lhasa

    (8) Music Kitchen
    Western foods and drinks with elegant dining environment
    Location:  located near the intersection of Beijing Xi Rd and Minzu Bei Rd
    Opening hrs: 12:00am-2:00am

    (9) Ladan Kitchen Restaurant
    Focuses on Chinese, Western and Tibetan food
    Location: 106 Beijing Dong Rd

    (10) New Mandala Restaurant
    Sells Tibetan, American pizzas, sandwiches, spaghetti, epalese and European fast food, vegetarian food and even Singaporean stir-fried rice etc
    Location: 31 Baguo Nan Street

    (11) Snowland Restaurant
    Offers a wide range of Western, Tibetan and Nepalese food
    Location: located next to Snowland Hotel, 4 Mentsikhang Rd, Lhasa
    Tel: 0891-6337323