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  • Lhasa Nightlife

  • Though Lhasa has been one of the hottest tourist destination since long time ago, nightlife in Lhasa is really simple, watching Tibetan singing and dancing show, taste snacks around the night market or find a decent pub or bar to have a drink with friends may be the all possibilities you can have.


    • 1.Bars

    (1) Mayke Ame (Maji A'mi)
    An excellent restaurant with a bar full of ethnic characters
    Location: located on the corner of the Barkhor Street

    (2) Ganglamedo Café and Bar
    Well known for its delicious pastry and coffee
    Location: located on Bankhor Street

    (3) Dunya Restaurant and Bar
    Offers authentic western food such as pizza, pasta and coffee
    Location: No.100 East Beijing Road


    • 2.Night Market

    Tianhai Night Market
    Location: No.100 East Beijing Road, west suburb of Lhasa
    This street is full of many stalls of snacks, fruits, and handicrafts.


    • 3.Tibetan Singing and Dancing Performances

    Xinshiji Langma Hall
    More authentic and pleasurable place to watch Langma opera(Tibetan singing and dancing show) in Tibetan


    • 4. Café


    Barkhor Café
    Quiet, good place for enjoying the street view
    Location: South side of Jokhang Temple