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Lhasa Tours

Lhasa is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. With its unquie scenery and religious culture, it become to be one of the top destinations for China Tibet travel. Here we provide variours Lhasa tours including Lhasa city tours, Lhasa coach travel, and tours to Lhasa side places. You may also tailor-made a Lhasa tour package according to your travel needs.

Lhasa Private Tours

4 Days Lhasa Essential Trip      From $630 p/p
2 Days Lhasa Private City Tour      From $304 p/p
3 Days Lhasa Sightseeing Trip      From $464 p/p

Lhasa has always been a word for mystery and holiness. The thousand years old Potala Palace, Jokang Temple, etc. are standing on the snow-covered plateau as old story tellers. You will always be deeply captured by the serene and clean feelings. Visit Lhasa, give your heart a real freedom.

Lhasa Coach Tours

4 Days Lhasa Bus Tour      From $794 p/p
4 Days Tibet Tour from Chengdu       From $565 p/p

Join a  Lhasa group tour is a wise choice for an economical Lhasa trip. You will visit all the famous religious and historical spots in Lhasa. Besides, you will have the chance to make new friends and share with them your travel experience. Your accommodations will be carefully arranged.

Lhasa Religious Tours

6 Days Religious Tour of Tibet      From $953 p/p

Lhasa is the Mecca in Tibet. The faithful religious belief of local people, monks and pilgrims from other places will always leave you a deep impression. Take a Lhasa religious tour, and sense thoroughly the holiness, solemnity of the plateau. Find a serene place for your heart's relaxation.

Lhasa Side Tours

2 Days Lhasa side tour to Shigatse      From $261 p/p
5 Days Lhasa side tour to Yamdrok Lake      From $743 p/p
6 Days Lhasa and Nyingchi Cultural Tour       From $660 p/p
6 Days Tour to Tibet Lhasa and Shigatse       From $572 p/p
8 Days Lhasa Side Tours to Gyantse and Dingri      From $1709 p/p
7 Days Lhasa-Gyantse- Shigatse Experience Tour      From $1016 p/p

Around Lhasa, there are many other places worth visiting such as Shigatse and Yamdrok.  With convinient tranportation, you will not only appreciate the charm of Lhasa but also its surrounding scenery.