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  • Lhasa Travel Tips

    • 1.Fast Facts

    Zip Code: 850000
    Area Code: 0891
    Population: 5,153,000


    • 2.Emergency Telephone Numbers

    Fire: 119
    Police: 110
    Ambulance: 120


    • 3.Hospitals

    (1) Lhasa Renmin Hospital (Lhasa People's hospital)
    Location: 1, Beijing Middle Road, Lhasa

    (2) Tibet Military Region General Hospital
    Location: Niangre Road, Lhasa
    Tel: 0891--6253009

    (3) Tibet No.2 People's Hospital
    Location: 2 Jinzhu West Road
    Tel: 0891-6335937 0891-6824883

    (4) Tibet No. 1 People's Hospital
    Location: 7, Linguo North Road, Lhasa
    Tel: 0891-6322021 0891-6332462


    • 4.Banks

    Bank of China
    Location: 28 Lingkhor Xi Road, Lhasa


    • 5.Post offices

    Location: located at the intersection of West Beijing Road and east side of the Potala Palace.


    • 6.Some other facts

    Travel permit should be applied by your China Travel Agency, and a fee of RMB 200 is usually required to buy a Tibet Travel Permit.


    • 7.How to prevent the Mountain sickness and the strong sunlight

    Don't smoke a lot or drink too much
    (2) Don't run or move rapidly in Tibet
    (3) 3 Eat vegetables and fruits
    (4) Carry sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat, lip balm etc