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  • Lijiang Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Lijiiang could be very special and colorful with its unique old town, exotic local scenery, and most important is Lijiang Nightlife has strong local ethnic Naxi flavor which you can find in every aspect of the local life.

    Naxi people, who created the Doba Culture, is really good at dancing and singing, and as a important part of the Yunan touring, watching music and dance show is a great enjoyment.


    • Here recommended some places to go in the night

    (1) Naxi Concert Hall
    Time: 20:00 to 21:30 pm
    Location: 11 Jishan Valley, Xinyi Street of the Old Town
    a group of local senior musicians whose are more than 60 years old on average perform Naxi music here.

    (2) Lijiang International Ethnic Cultural Exchange Center
    Its grand scenes, delicate production and intriguing theme with gorgeous live theatre-Mountain and River Show attract numerous tourists

    (3) Ganhaizi Scenic Spot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
    Impressive Lijiang, which is showed in the Ganhaizi (Dry Sea) Scenic Spot, with the background of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain conquered numerous people.