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As we know, link exchange is beneficial to both of us, and helpful for website promotion.
If you're looking for the similar website like us, please click here to know more information. Before you send the request, please read the below introduction and decide later. You can send your website information to:


Exchange Conditions:

1.All the sites for exchanging links must be on ourism.
2.The PR of the homepage of your site must be more than or equal to 4; external connections must be less than 20.
3.Your website must be live, rather than be under construction.
4.Your website must be in English language or have English version.
5.Your website must have been embodied in Google search engine.



Forbidden Situation:

1.Your website doesn't relate to travel.
2.The PR of the homepage of your website is less than 3.
3.Your website is not in English or without English version.
4.Your website has not been embodied by Google.
5.Your website has been considered with huge profits, pornography, gambling, piracy contents, or not suitable for children browsing.
6.Your site is considered to endanger the safety of other computer programs or virus.
7.Any non-themed website, such as link farms, content-poor advertising sites, including sites whose primary content is third-party advertising.


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