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Luoyang Tours

Luoyang is well known in China as "The Capital of Nine Dynasties". It has rich historical and cultural sites such as Longmen Grottoes. Here we offer some Luoyang travel packages including Luoyang city tours and her side trips to Zhengzhou and Shaoling Temple. Besides, you may cutomize tours to Luoyang from us. 

Luoyang Private Tours

1 Day Luoyang Sightseeing Tour      From $75 p/p
2 Days Luoyang Classic Travel      From $184 p/p
3 Days Luoyang Full-view Tour      From $227 p/p

Luoyang is among the famous ancient capitals in Chinese history. Every April to May when you travel in Luoyang, you may appreciate the grand Peony Festival. Besides, you will also have the chance to travel to the famous Shaolin Temple and see the Kung Fu Performance. Ready private Luoyang tour packages are carefully collected for you.

Luoyang Side Tours

1 Day Luoyang Side tour to Shaolin Temple       From $95 p/p
2 Days Luoyang Side Trip      From $139 p/p

When you travel to Luoyang, the Shaolin Temple with famous Shaolin Kung Fu shall not be missed. Luoyang side tour packages will take you to Shaolin Temple on Songshan Mountain, and Zhengzhou, etc. where you will get more interesting tour experiences.