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Presidential Palace

With various sites of the Taiping and modern government rulers, it is no doubt that the Presidential Palace is a huge complex of buildings. In order to store the beautiful furniture, there has the “Secret Room” of the Taiping. The complex has mannequin shows that instruct on history, preserved and recreated rooms. Besides, there are also artifacts from the time that the Taiping ruled the city and the modern government leaders lived and ruled at the site. During the 1911, it is Sun Yat-Sen who presided there. Then it came to Chiang Kai-Shek, who left in 1949. After that, there is no government leader live in this palace.


According to the history, the Taiping Rebellion leaders tried to conquer China. They had a large territory until Nanjing China was conquered in 1864 by the Qing army. The history of this large movement is not so clear. They had their own coinage, style of dress and a religion that included Christian beliefs. Many policies including the prohibition of opium smoking, the sale of slaves, and prostitution, gambling, the use of tobacco and wine and polygamy are adopted by the Taiping leaders. They emphasized the equality of the sexes, and abolished foot-binding, which is good for females. They appointed women as administrators and officers, which are enlightened measures in that time. It is said that about 100,000 people were massacred or committed suicide when the Qing army invaded, which is a tragedy in China’s history.

Presidential Palace Notes

Address: No. 292 Changjiang Road, Xuanwu.