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20 Tips to Save Money in China Tour


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If you have a strong desire to tour, while the money available is not as much as you have planed, you should better bear some travel tips to save money in mind, here briefly introduce 22 methods to save money, see if they can do you some help.
1.To avoid peak season in your travel is the first and the firmost tips;

2.To arrange your tour path reasonably, reduce the reapted tour route;
3.If charter a bus, you have to make a deal with the driver to decrease your fare if take some other customers on the way;
4.To take train rather than plane if possible, if you are in good physical condition, you can even choose trains without air conditioner, then you can save more in your transportation fare;

5.In the city, to take bus instead of taxi;
6.If have to charger a taxi, you can choose those drivers planned to go the destination the same with yours, or you can find return cars;
7.As for the traffic routes, sometimes to transfer can help you enjoy more views and save more money, the point of this method is to transfer appropriately, conbine varies vehicles together and refer to maps as much as possible as well as think thoroughly;

8.In terms of living, to have a look at the room, and then bargain is better;
9.To live in a common room rather than the standard room, and go to shower outside can be cheaper;
10.Getting on the bus outside of the bus station can be cheaper and sometimes if you get on the bus on the way, you can also make bargain, while it depends;
11.To get on the train in the evening, and have a sleep in the train, you can save the money to live in a hotel, in the next day, owing to the sleep in the train, you can also enjoy your tour vigorously;
12.Find a hotel in the morning is usually more expensive, so leave your luggage in the luggage depositary in the train station, fully enjoy your time before the dusk,when the charge for a hotel maybe much cheaper;

13.If you want to taste the local flavors, you can buy some raw materials to cook in restaurants. However, you have to know the charger of cooking beforehand;
14.When eating in a restaurant, you have to make clear whether the tissue is for free, if it is not, to use yours own;
15.To bargain more, whether in terms of eating, living, shopping and transportating;
16.Do not shopping when there is travelling party;

17.Do not go to hotels with the accompany of intermediary;
18.Even if something you buy is cheap, do not speak it out, or you have to pay more for the next item;
19.If coming from wealthy regions, do not show off when shopping, or the vendors would ask for more;
20.If you are still a student, bring your student ID with you, for quite a lot tourist destinations offering preferential prices for students.