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China is a country with vast territory so that the climate varies greatly from south west to east and from north to south.

1. In southern China, such as Hainan, Taiwan, Guangdong, Yunnan and Fujian, the weather has high temperatures and rainy seasons all over the year.
2. In the region of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze and the Yellow River, it features four distinct seasons.
3. In northeastern area, such as Heilongjiang, Jilin and north part of Inner Mongolia, it has a chilly snowy and long winter.
4. In northwest of China, such as Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai, The temperature changes significantly. It has chilly winter and hot summer, with very little precipitation, dry climate.

There are two main features for China climate.
1. Uneven rainfall distribution. The inverse proportion of annual precipitation between southeast and northwest is 40:1.
2. Obvious changes of wind between summer and winter. The summer wind comes mainly from the sea, mostly southerly winds, warm and humid. The winter wind mostly comes from the northwest high-latitude continental areas, cold and dry.