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More Train Ticket Vending Machines Will Be Added in Lhasa


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Lhasa Railway Station Office is considering adding one more railway ticket agency next to the Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Tibet on Linju Road, Lhasa city. In addtion, many automatic train ticket vending machines are being intalled in the city center of Lhasa and are expeceted to be put into use in May,2012. Passengers will be convenient to buy train ticket in one minute without lining in queue.

In addition to the railway ticket agency located on Deji South Road, This new train ticket office will be the second one in Lhasa.
So far there are three ways that passengers can buy train tickets to Lhasa:

1.Booking from official China railways booking website

2.Booking by telephone
Passengers in Tibet and Qinghai province regions can call 95105105 for ticket booking. If passengers outside these two areas,they can call 0971-95105105 to book the train ticket.

3.Buy from railway ticket agency or railway station
See Map of railway ticket agencies in Lhasa, Tibet