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Sunrise in China


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For nature lovers, surise is an important part during the process of tour. Different places boast various beauties of sunrise, for example, standing on the top of a mountain,  the sun almost seems come out of the dense clouds; on the seaside, the sun comes out of vast sea; in the desert, the sun may dye the sand with a layer of gold. What's more, sunrise in metropolis is quite different from that in a quiet watertown, each has their own charming, as for me, sunrise in peaceful watertown and on mountains are magnificent.

Sunrise in the Yellow Moutain, see the pine?

Sunrise on Mt. Tai, the dense clouds blured the light of the sun, after a while, the bright light will jump out of the mist.

Sunrise on the South Sea, different from that on the moutains, right? the light of the sun makes the water glittering.

Surise on Taklimakan desert, sun here is always brings stong power, but a little bit soft at the beginning of a day.

This is one of the pics I love best: sunrise in Hongcun, so peaceful and calm, sitting on the side of the lake and watch the slowly coming-out sun while the whole village is still in deep sleep......

Sunrise in Beijing, though also wonderful, it is not that shocked, your idea?

Which kind of sunrise do you like best, on the mountain, by the seaside, in the desert, in small quiet watertown or in super metropolis during your China tour package?