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Things to Do in Chengde


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Chengde was regarded as the second political centre of the Manchu emperors. Thus, it has rich historical and cultural resources. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Chengde.

Top ten Things to do in Chengde

1. Eight Outer Temples
The Eight Outer Temples were built by the Qing government to strengthen a unity with the minorities, thus the temples not only feature Han style, but also the Mongolian and Tibetan styles.

2. Mountain Resort of Chengde
May it is the most famous architecture in Chengde, it is a key national cultural protection unit, was listed in the World Cultural Heritage Directory in 1994.

3. Saihanba National Forest Park
It is a famous hunting-ground for the old royal families, and is a part of Mulan paddock. Saihanba is a mixed word of Mongolian and Chinese, which means a "beautiful and high mountain".

4. Fengning Grassland
As a tourist, you can enjoy the beauty of the grassland's scene on horseback riding in the gentle breeze and taste as much as you like the strong local conditions and customs of Man and Mongolian nationalities.

5. Putuozongcheng Temple
Putuozongcheng Temple was nicknamed as the "Little Potala Palace". There are five Lama Towers were successively set up in different colors: black, white, yellow, green and red on the flat-roof platform in north of the pavilion.

6. Special Food
The food here is very different with any other cities in Northern China. Here listed below are the most famous Chengde Local foods: Red bean gruel, Youmian noodles, Hot pot with Chinese sauerkraut. You can experience different tastes about the food.

7. Night Life
Nightlife in Chengde offers you more chances to know this ancient town with a variety of leisure places, such as bar, pubs, cafes, bowling centre, and theaters etc.

8. Travelling Time
Generally speaking, the best time to tour Chengde is between April and October, because it has good weather those days, while you can visit in other seasons to experience the unique convention here.

9.  Special Local Products
If you want to buy something for your friends and families, Apricot Kernel,Hanging Brocades, Jade Pillows, Warabi Vegetable and Wood Carvings are all available.

10.  Shopping Places
If you are fond of shopping, no problem, Chengde provid shopping places, such as Nanyinzi Street, Puning Street, Kangqian Tourist Shopping Mall.