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Things to Do in Hohhot


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Hohhot, which means 'Blue City', is a historical and cultural city. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Hohhot.

Top 10 Things to do in Hohhot

1. Dazhao Temple
The temple is now a well-known tourist attraction because of the impressive buildings, splendid statues, delicate frescos, musical instruments and fine collection of Buddhist scriptures.

2. Gegentala Grassland
With thriving grass and abundant water, the green of the grassland reach out as far as your eyes can see. Colorful wild flowers and flocks of sheep that look like masses of cloud make the scene absolutely beautiful.

3. Xilituzhao Palace
The magnificent architecture and splendid colored paintings make the palace a tourist resort. Additionally, many religious activities and Buddhist conference are held here every year.

4. Zhaojun Tomb
Zhaojun, as one of the four beauties in ancient China, was buried in Hohhot. It is also called 'green tomb' after the green grass that grows on it.

5. All-Fish Banquet
Kinds of fish (such as squirrelfish, carp with lotus, carp, white fish etc) are prepared in over dozens of ways and served at the all-fish banquet. The tastes are rich and very different with the Southern China’s.

6. Roasted Lamb
Succulent and hearty Mongolians favorite whole roasted lamb is served for some special occasions, such as the arrival of some important guests or wedding ceremonies or etc.

7. Shaomai
The steamed Hohhot dumplings stuffed with a variety of tasty ingredients featuring thin wrappers and savory fillings.

8. Treasure Stone
It is carving Factory with the famous and rare stone carving exhibition.

9.  Minorities Department Store                                                                   It provides a range of artifacts and souvenirs of Mongolian robes, hats, jewelry, inlaid knives etc.

10.   The Hulun Bei Road Inner Mongolia Horse-racing Track
As one of the largest horse-racing tracks in Asia, you can enjoy polo race, steeplechase, horsemanship and other interesting events here from 7:00 to 21:00.