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Things to Do in Hulunbeier


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During the Western Han Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, many migratory tribes in North China has already settled in the broad grassland of Hulunbeier. Nowadays, it is still the homeland of more than thirty ethnic minorities.

2.Hulunbeier Grasslands

Hulunbeier Grasslands are possibly the finest pastures in China. In the summer, you can go horseback riding, view horse racing and take part in wrestling matches. Campfire parties featuring for whole-sheep feasts are popular.

3.Hulun Lake

Hulun Lake is one the most noted attractions in Hulunbeier. The lake is rich in fish and shrimp. It is the largest lake in Inner Mongolia and one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China.

4.Phoenix Villa

Phoenix Villa is a wonderful winter resort located in the Daxing'anling Mountains. European-style bungalows with red roofs is outstanding among the pines and snow.

5.Special Local Products

The minority Daur, Oroqen and Ewenki people make products from birch bark. Russian handicraft article are also available. Raised mushrooms, beef and mutton and dairy products are of high quality.

6.Local festival

Hulunbeier hosts an azalea festival in the spring; a grassland culture and beer festival in the summer; a forest culture festival celebrating Daxing'anling Mountains in the autumn and an ice and snow festival with a strong ethnic flavor in the winter.

7.Kaoquan Yang

It is a Mongolian traditional dish to entertain guests or hold the feast of a celebration.


Within Hailar of Hulunbeier, there are a variety of good, inexpensive restaurants along Beixie jie, all of fairly similar standards. Other than this you are best trying eating in the hotels, the Friendship Hotel has a particularly good restaurant.

9.Tianjiao Hotel-Hulunbeir

Tianjiao Hotel-Hulunbeir is a set of dining, accommodation, sports, entertainment, conferencing in one integrated accommodation, is mainly responsible for the high-level Hulunbeir government, business and tourism groups receiving task.

10.Nadam Fair

It is also a traditional fair. Different places hold it in different time. Besides some traditional performances, Nadam Fair is also a trade fair for farm and stockbreeding products.