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Things to Do in Jiayuguan


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1.Jiayuguan Pass

Jiayuguan Pass is situated in the middle of the narrowest vallely. Jiayuguan Pass represents the western starting point of a section of the Great Wall constructed during the Ming Dynasty.

2.Overhanging Great Wall

The Overhanging Great Wall is an important part of the defensive work of Jiayuguan Pass. people nickname it 'West Badaling', because the main body of the Overhanging Great Wall was built with gravel and soil, including three fire towers,and its outline seems similar with the Beijing Badaling Great Wall.

3.The First Fire Tower of the Great Wall

The First Fire Tower of the Great Wall is also named 'Talai River Fire Tower'  Standing on it, visitors can appreciate the grandeur of an ancient civilization when they see the marvelous view of the vast Gobi.

4.Tour Season

The most suitable time to visit Jiayuguan is from May to October, as the weather is the most favorable of the year. However, because July is the hottest month of the year,remember to take protective measure for your skin during this period.

5.The weather

The wind in Jiayuguan is very strong. The most serious month is November and December. The one thing worth noting is to take both light clothes and warm ones, because the temperature difference between day and night is quite large all year around.

6.Jiayuguan culture

The city culture is a combination of Great Wall and Silk Road. It boasts many historical relics referring to these two wonders. The famous ones include Jiayuguan Pass, the Overhanging Great Wall, the First Fire Tower of the Great Wall and Wei-Jin Art Gallery.

7.Jiayuguan Hotel

Jiayuguan Hotel is located in valley of southwest of Jiayuguan City, and in a southern section of the city center, close to 312 National Highway, railway station, welcome back the beautiful Lake tourist park, bus directly to the tourist attractions, convenient transportation, cultural and environmental advantages.

8.Silk Road camel palm
 Charge of all the camel bar, its high nutritional value. But the camel long life, it seldom killed, so the camel palm hard to find, as expensive and eat it. Black camel palm tendon, Rousu delicious, light yellow, shining brilliantly, and delicious.

9.Magic Cup
Qilian Mountains with excellent carved from jade.  Do not change along with time, is legendary. Hence the "grape wine Magic Cup " in Quotes through the ages.

10.Steamed beef and mutton

It has 1000 years of history, also called "steamed beef and mutton". Very tasty ,if you go to Jiayuguan, do not miss.