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Things to Do in Jingdezhen


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Jingdezhen is the world famous Porcelain Capital.It is now famous due to the porcelain made here. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Jingdezhen.

1.Ceramic History Museum

The museum has a rich collection of over 5,000 articles. Now it is principle part of the Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Folk-Custom Expo Area.

2.Jingdezhen Old Street

It is a famous street in China, famous for its long history and traditions that come from its ancient culture.


There have been kilns in Jingdezhen for centuries and today it produces a lot of the finest Chinese pottery.It is a must for you to bring some pottery home. 

4.Sichuan Tourist Product Supplying Corp

Distinctive postcards and souvenirs are sold here. Local specialties are also available.
Open Hours is from 8:30AM to 6:00PM.

5.Rong Xin Gift Store

Located at 16 Banbian Bridge, Qingyang District Jingdezhen, It is One of the few gift shops that can provide customers with dolls of distinctive local features in the city. Demonstrations of the procedure of making these dolls are also offered to customers.
Opening hours is from 9AM to 6:00PM.

6.Sichuan Sida Arts & Crafts Corporation

Traditional Chinese paintings as well as oil paintings are available here. Local handicraft articles are also exhibited and sold in the store. Its opening hours is from 8:30AM to 6:00PM.

7.Jincheng Art Palace

Located at 61 Renmin South Road, Jincheng Art Palace enjoys a high reputation for the wonderful performances of Chuan opera here. It is also highly praised for its originally-designed structure, as well as the superior sound effects.

8.Yesterday Once More

located at 2 Lingshiguan Road, Jingdezhen, this small bar is two nicely decorated floors with a well stocked bar. The crowd is generally young people and the bar is relaxed and quiet.


Jingdezhen most famous Cuisine should be flavor snack, had famous "four big snacks", namely fried in oil the wonton, the stuffed dumpling rake, cold food in sauce cold Fen, the lye rake.

10.Kaimenzi Hotel

Opened in 2003, the Kaimenzi Hotel is located at the Changjiang District of Jingdezhen. It is 2km away from the Railway Station, 3km away from the city center and 5km away from the Airport.