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Things to Do in Luoyang


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No matter the natural scenery or the historical scenery, Luoyang has its special marks. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Luoyang.

Top 10 Things to do in Luoyang

1. Baiyunshan National Forest Park
Looking at Primitive Forest, Baiyunshan Peak and Little Huangshan Mountain, You will feel you are invited to refresh yourself in its natural beauty.

2. Longmen Grottoes
There are lifelike reliefs of pretty and charming singers and dancers on the wall and the most impressive figure is the statue of Vairocana Buddha measuring 17.14 metres (about 56.23 feet) in total height.

3. Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum
Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum is not only a distinctive museum with pseudo-archaic architectures, ancient tombs and murals, but is also has a modern garden with exuberant grass and flowers, tall trees, artificial hills, piled stones, pools and fountains. You are sure to find it charming and attractive.

4. Shaolin Temple
Have you ever seen the film ? It is really popular during that period, which reflects the high position of the Shaolin Temple. All in all, it is worth visiting.

5. White Horse Temple
The White Horse Temple is honored as the “Founder's Home” and the “Cradle of Buddhism in China”. In addition, the temple boasts great antique architecture.

6. Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area
From the dam of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area, you can catch an eye feature of the whole scenic area.

7. Luoyang Water Banquet
These 24 courses flowing banquet is one of the most traditional Chinese cuisines, with one third of the dishes are soup or semi-soup ones in sour and spicy flavors.

8.  Tourist Souvenir Stores
Luoyang has many local specialties ranging from fruits, handicrafts to replicas of Bronze-vessel and so on, you can buy them in the Tourist Souvenir Stores.

9.  He Luo Feng
As a city has been the capital in nine dynasties in Chinese history, Luoyang is rich in imperial culture and loved by the locals, such as “He Luo Feng”.

10. Peony
The world famous Peony Festival will be opened in April in Luoyang. During the festival, you can enjoy all kinds of peony.