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Things to Do in Qinhuangdao


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Qinhuangdao is a charming coastal resort in North China. It has abundant tourist resources; here is a list of top ten things to do in Qinhuangdao.

1.Beidaihe Area

Beidaihe Area is situated  in the southwest of Qinhuang City. In the Beidaihe, you can play the beach volleyball,  ride along the sea with a rented bike, play on a swing on the beach or drive a motor boat. It is wonderful.

2.Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area

Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area is situated 19.5 km southeast of Funing County Town, Hebei Province. Nandaihe’s seaside bathing spot has soft sand, and seawater is clear and sanitary.

3.Shanhaiguan District

Shanhaiguan is an enclosed area surrounded  by walls connecting with the Great Wall.Shanhaiguan Pass is the first pass in the Great Wall, which witness a specific history of ancient China.

4. Golden Coast Scenic Spot

The Golden Coast covers an area of 376 square kilometers.  The first International Sand-skating Sports Center is located here.

5.Roasted Prawn

The main raw material of Roasted Prawn is local  Beidaihe prawns and  served in a excellent dressing and generally accompanied by a soup.

6.Changcheng Bolo Bing

A kind of cake made from starch , flour, the leaves of the Bolo tree and  many other filling materials. It has a long history which can date back to Ming dynasty.

7.Sitiao Baozi

It is named after a well known Baozi concession stand. Buns in the shop have won good reputation from both sightseer and locals.

8.Huiji Lvdougao

It was introduced to the area by Muslim groups and also known as mung bean cake.


Bazaars is a noted distribution center of fancy goods. It is filled with seafood, fruit, wooden wares, small appliances , pearl products and many others for daily use.


Nightlife in Qinhuangdao is so colorful as other major cities in China. Usually supermarkets close before 19:00. However, Bars, cafes, teahouses and cinemas are still nice places to meet you.