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Things to Do in Turpan


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It was a very important juncture on the Silk Road through which the western cultures and Chinese culture encountered. Here is a list of top ten things to in Turpan.

Top 10 Things to do in Turpan

1. Ancient City of Gaochang
As one of the key points along the Silk Road, the ancient city of Gaochang was also a sanctuary of world religious culture.

2. Ancient City of Jiaohe
AS the largest, oldest and best-preserved earthen city in the world, the relics we see today in the Ancient City of Jiaohe featured Tang Dynasty architectural style.

3. Flaming Mountain
Have you ever seen the novel , which is one of The Four Masterpieces of Literature in China? If so, you must familiar with the Flaming Mountain.

4. Grape Valley
Every August the sweet air will herald the vintage. The best place to enjoy the grapes is Grape Valley.

5. Shamusa, and Pitertuman
With golden oily color and crispy skin, it has delicate taste and loved by locals and tourists. You will fall in love with it so long as you have a taste.

6.  The Cooked Chopped Entrails of Sheep
It’s a dish that braises the entrails of sheep heart, liver, stomach and intestines etc.

7.  The Roasted Whole Lamb
A well known dish in Xinjiang province and the Xinjiang lamb is regarded the best, which has fragrant smell and delicate tastes.

8.  The Thin Skin Baozi
The thin skin Baozi is called “Pitimanta” in the Uighur language and is made by selecting top class mutton as the stuffing and is a food popular among the Uighur people.

9. Pa La Zi
With colorful wool, the craftsman knit a variety of geometric figures on carpets, which could be used as a rug, blanket, or even hanging decorative carpet.

10.  Real Love Club
One of th top-grade KTVs in Turpan with gorgeous decoration and outstanding facilities.