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Things to Do in Yangzhou


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Yangzhou is a tourism city, for it has a unique cultural and ecological environment. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Yangzhou City.

Top 10 Things to do in Yangzhou

1.  Slender West Lake
Slender West Lake is a man-made lake where beautiful views and historic points coexist. The entire area is full of poetic romance, and many poems have been inspired by the scenery.

2.  Daming Monastery
It gathers lots of cultural relics and temples as well as having beautiful garden scenery. It will not disappoint you.

3.  Ge Garden
Ge Garden uses bamboo and rocks as its principal elements and is characterized by stone-piling. In addition, there is 'four-season-rockery' in the garden which make you feel as if you have experienced the essence of the four seasons of the year.

4.  Steamed chicken over bamboo leaves
It is a representative dish of Yangzhou cuisine and well known home and abroad for its brilliant outlook, amazing bamboo aroma and wonderful taste.

5.  Steamed Pig's Head
As one of the Top “three heads” in Jiangsu cuisineis, Steamed Pig's Head is loved by the locals for its fat but not greasy, tender and sweet taste along with the pleasant aroma.

6.  Yangzhou Fried Rice
It usually fried with eggs, scallions and various ingredients, such as shrimp, ham, sausage, sleeve-fish and so on.

7.  Ye chun Cha She
Tea with local specialties food, such as Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Tofu

8.  Cai Gen Xiang
Authentic Huaiyang Cuisine or Jiangsu Cuisine, such as Steamed Pig's Head, Braised silver carp

9.  Golden Engle International Shopping Center
Golden Engle International Shopping Center sells a full range of daily necessaries both in China and international famous brands.

10.  Siwangting Rd Gourmet Street
Close to the Slender West Lake, this street is full of western style restaurants, coffee houses and traditional Chinese cuisines, etc.