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Top 10 Destionations You Should Not Miss for China Travel


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In China, there are many beautiful destinations you should not miss and many miraculous places that you will never forget only by once visit.


Yuanyang is located in Yunnan province. It is difficult to describe the beauty of Yuanyang either in words or in photos. Many people who visit Yuyang the first time will be puzzled with the various changes of one place in one day. Only come to yuanyang, people start to know that the same time may have different sights in different places or the same district may have different scenes in different days. In fact besides the terrace, the most beautiful scene is the sea of clouds in Yuanyang and nobody shoud not miss to see the sun sunrise in the morings ...
Tips: The best way to arrive in yuanyang is by bus. And the best time for visiting is from October to next March. The sea of clouds will be often seen easily during the Spring Festival waterproof tools shouldn’t be forgotten for the changeable weather.

2. Wuyuan County

Wuyuan County is located in Jiangxi province. It won the reputation as one of the most beautiful villages in China. The village is embraced by mountains and enjoys splendid scenery. Next to age-old trees are the houses of various heights; near and far mountains are dim in the setting sun; mist floats on the tips of the trees like a transparent ribbon; rivers flows out of the village in a circle as if the village is a girl wearing a bracelet. You can fully appreciate its elegant residential area, wristed lane, bluestone road and towering age-old trees.
Tips:It will be convenient to arrive in Wuyuan by train. Low season will be a good choice for visiting because the peace and stillness in Wuyuan will be experience better.

3. Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe Ancient Town(also named Longquan Village),located in the north of Lijiang Ancient City, is regarded as the living specimen reflecting Naxi ancestors’ transition from agriculture civilization to commercial culture. Similar to Lijiang Ancient City, Shuhe is surrounded by murmuring river and interlaced by smooth flagging. It is a compact village hidden in the forest and lying near the mountains and by the rivers. It is a more peaceful shorten version of Lijiang Ancient City.There is a famous bright named Qinglong Bridge with a history of more than 400 years; it is the landmark building in Shuhe. In early spring, the old bridge is decorated by verdant willows, which forms famous scenery in Shuhe. Walking along the Shuhe street, about 100 meters away, you can find the fountainhead of the river surrounding the ancient town, it is a deep pool named Long Pool from which the overflowing water winds through the village, and the bubbling sound can be heard miles away.
Tips: It will be convenient and cheap by taxi from Lijinag County.

4. Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake. China's largest inland salt water lake is at 3200 meters above sea level and is situated at the east of Qinghai province.The ellipse-shaped lake looks like a huge poplar leaf sitting on the alpine prairie. Scenery in Qinghai lake varies according to seasons. Summer and autumn are the most comfortable weather conditions and the lake's scenery is most beautiful during these seasons.In July each year there will be a large area of rape blossoms around Qinghai Lake. The yellow flowers combining endless blue water form a great scenery. Furthermore against the backdrop of blue sky on the plateau, endless golden flower sea is extremely gorgeous.
Tips: July each year will be best for enjoying flowers.


Taishun,located in the south of Zhejiang, is known as “the Village of Tea”. Because poor roads,the local people live a difficult life of poverty but they still have hope for future. On the other hand, Taishun has become an ideal place to escape from chaos .so this place needs to be taste carefully to feel the last xanadu in bustling cities.
Tips: There are two ways to reach Taishuan;one way from Lishui, the other from Wenzhou. It’s more convenient to go from Wenzhou because of more buses.


Guilin is a world famous scenic city and historical cultural city,. located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Its breathless natural beauty and profound cultural foundation attract many famous people and great poets come to this holly world .Therefore here you can feel a strong natural and cultural ambience. You can be close to the natural beauty that you have seen in the pictures .You can feel the natural and the local conditions and customs just by bicycle or bus in the countryside .Or you also can sit in the modern coffee house to feel the mixture of simple and unsophisticated through the café window in the West street .All these you can do is not just a fairy but a simple ting ,if you really want to.
Tips: April to October each year is the best time to travel to Guilin.


Xitang, a town of ancient residences, is renowned for many bridges, Lanes and covered corridors. Visitors may find shetter from the sun and rain under the many extended corridors with hanging red tanterns,and discover a sense of history winding through the cracks along the quiet Lengths of Shipi Lane and Ji Famity Lane.
Water is the soul of Xitang. The water make the town so tranquil leisurely Streets are quiet and calm where old people smoke ideally in the lounge bridges. In Xitang, you never want to miss these: listening to genre, seeing social drama, watching outdoor movies, sipping tea
Tips: It’s better to enjoy Xitang at night. The night will let you feel the charm deeply of Xitang.


Xianju is located in southeast of Zhejiang province, the natural scenery is magnificent and unique. Xianju is characterized as strange, dangerous, clean, quiet. Bee, waterfalls, streams and forest will be seen in this one place. Here is an ideal resort. for summer holiday. Qingqing Yong’an River is the Mothe River of Xianju. Taking a bamboo raft down along the river,you will be offered pastoral scenery with clear water, blue sky and mountains away from the hustle and bustle
Tips: you will feel like a god in Xianju.


Fenghuang, praised as "the Most Beautiful Town of China”, is a small county renowned for its natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as colorful ethnic customs, located at south Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan province. Fenghuang is embraced by green mountains, with Tuo Jiang River running through its heart. Rowboat is one of the main means of transportation. Tourists also can take a rowboat to ramble the county and enjoy the natural beauty. Unique wooden houses constructed on stilts are built along the riverbank. This kind of house is called Diaojiaolou. The design keeps the buildings safe from the spring floods. It is easy to discover the beauty of Fenghuang lies in its primitive simplicity. Fenghuang people still live a very simple life despite the other places of China are under the onset of modernization. It always reminds people of the scenes in Chinese painting and old Chinese films.
Tips: Fenghuang has six attractions you should not miss: Tuo Jiang River, Huangsiqiao Castle, Former Residence of Shencongwen ,South Great Wall, Shenjiang Miao Village, Longevity Palace. Spring and autumn would be the best season for travelling.


Tradition and modern are perfectly converge in the charming Qingdao. The European style architectures are well preserved in the west and the modern beauties are totally presented in the east. There many old timed architectures in the Zhongshan road. Apart from the business road Zhongshan road,every road is shadowed by the trees. Quiet and isolated here are ideal places for pastime. As an old chinese saying “Simple for explicating one’s ambition, quiet to go far!”,these are what you can enjoy in Qingdao.
Tips: Colorado is the best place in Qingdao with numerous century villa-style European architectures