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Top 10 Marvelous Old Towns in China (Wuzhen, Wuyuan…)


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Top 10 Old Towns in China

Ancient Town of Wuyuan

Within the Golden Tourist Triangle of Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Lushan, Mt. Sanqingshan, and the City of Jingdezhen correctly, the Ancient Town of Wuyuan is a place with clear water and green hills, located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province.

The ancient town was originally established in 740 in Tang Dynasty. The heavy forest, the abrupt slope, the deep valley, the clear stream, the pavilions and bridges, and several resorts make up the the pretty scenery of Wuyuan.

There are more than 30 caves in the Lingyan National Forest Park, which became a scenic spot since Tang Dynasty. On the other hand, the cultural accumulation of Wuyuan started in Song Dynasty, such as litterateur Zhu Yi, and Confucian Zhu Xi. Wuyuan is a place with well-protected ancient architectural works, and the Yu Family's Temple in Jiangkou is among them.

The caves, the old trees, the architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasty, and the ancient culture are the four characters of Wuyuan. To experience the flavor of these spots, you would better travel around them to find out the stories hidden behind them.

The Ancient Town of Laitan

The ancient town of laitan in Chongqing, was built 200 years ago, and it was said that the town was consolidated in the period of Emperor of Xianfeng, Qing Dynasty to prevent the riot.

The town takes up an area of 0.25 kilometer Sq. There is a 200-meter stone street, with 400 Qing-style houses. Back to the days of Emperor of Xianfeng, Laitan is still a famous dock, where merchants collect for trade. And the two Buddha temples on the foot of the mountains were also well known for its excellent position.

The Ancient Town of Heshun

The ancient town of Heshun is a hub on the south Silk Road from Yunnan. The long-time communication of military, culture, trade and religion made Heshun the most important town facing South Asia.

The town of heshun is national scenic area, which is surrounded by volcanoes. The old trees have been blossoming all year on the volcanoes. It is a ideal place for people to tour and relax.

Going out to do business is the convention of the people from HESHUN. The elements of Hui-style architecture, the charm of lovely bridges, and the western and southern Asian architecture combine together in heshun. Different cultures, religions rely on each other.

The Casile&Mansion of Prime Minister

The Casile&Mansion of Prime Minister is located in the prefecture of Beiliu Town of Jingcheng City in Shanxi Province. It boasts a convenient transportation these years.

Here the P.M. is Chen Tingjin, who was the teacher of Emperor of Kangxi. In 2001, the Casile&Mansion was listed as one of the ten newest spots in Shanxi.

The Ancient Town of Zhouzhuang

The town of zhouzhuang boasted a history and cultural accumulation over 900years and the unique scenery of "bridge, stream and villages" in Jiangsu.

The town was called "town above water" because it was surrounded by lakes and rivers, making the town like a piece of leaf floating on the water. The town was called City of Yao for it was the feudatory of the prince of Kingdom of Wu. It was said that there was a man named Zhou Di denoted all his houses and lands to the Buddha temple, and then the town was named by him.

The town attracts thousands of visitors from many countries, and it was honored by UNESCO and UN. On march3, 2006, the town was honored U.S. Government Award for its contribution in the field of world culture and art.

The Ancient Town of Guangfu

Guangfu, located to the west of Suzhou, is a famous townon the foot of Mt. Denglu along the Lake of Taihu. The town is situated on the peninsula of Lake of Taihu. Historic relics and scenic spots strew the town. It was described as a "paradise with green hills and clean waters" in the poems. It was said that the town was named by the name of a temple during the Empire of Liang.

Long history and rich cultural relics adds mysterious tales and fantastic stories to the town.

The Ancient Town of Zhuxian

The town of Zhuxian was located 20 kilometers south of Kaifeng, Henan Province. It was said the town was the old sod of Zhu Hai, a hero who made great contribution in Segnoku Period of China.

The town of Zhuxian peaked itself in latter Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, with a whole population of 200000. The river of Jialu divided the town into two parts: the eastern town and the west town. And lately, more and more people moved to the western town. The wood painting of Zhuxian is one of the four wood paintings in China, and it was originated in Tang Dynasty, blossomed in Song Dynasty, and peaked in Ming Dynasty.

The Hakka Village of Peitian

The Hakka Village located in west hilly area of Fujian Province. The architecture there bears the style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, which rivals others in Hakka traditions.

The Hakka Village was honored the best village in Fujian. Within its territory, 30 old courts and houses, 21 family temples, 6 studying colleges, 1 old street, 2 toriis, 4 Buddha temples and Taoist temples. The town surprises the world by its exquisite architecture, deep cultural accumulation and the protection of the relics

The Ancient Town of Hongcun Village

Located in the northeast of Yixian County, Anhui Province, Village of Hongcun boasts a long history of 870 years, and pretty environments. The position and the layout of Village of Hongcun all connected with water.

Water played an essential role in the layout of the village. The Wang Family finally moved to the foot of hills, and they constructed advanced drainage system. After 400 years later, Wang Siqi, the 76th leader of Wang Family completed the project of Village of Hongcun

The development of Hongcun Village had essential connections with Hui merchants and Hui culture. The grow-up of Hui Merchants provided powerful economic base for the village.

The Ancient Town of Wuzhen

The town is located in the north of Zhejiang Province. It is only 80-minuters ride from Shanghai. It is a town above the water. There is Taoist temple, Study of Prince Zhaomin, the old ginkgo, and the two-bridge. The old street of Xizhan is protected well. This town is also the hometown of famous literaturuor, Maodun. The birthplace of Maodun has been listed the national plan. The study of Maodun has also been established a memorial.

Wuzhen has a long history of 2000 years, but the ancient flavor of the old town was protected well.

In 1999, the town was named the provincial cultural town, and millions of CNY has been invested to develop the tourist resource, and to protect the Qing-style architecture.