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Top 4 Places to Enjoy Peach Blossom in China


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1.Nyingchi, Tibet

Flowers are the messenger of spring.  Tibet's Nyingchi is known for the flowers, such as the snow lotus in the mountain, but also subtropical banana and palm. The rich resources are well-preserved natural landscape. Forest, clouds, blue sky, glaciers, snow-capped mountains echo each other and the beautiful scenery is exquisite. Among them, each year in April, the peach blossoms in Nyingchi in full bloom under the snow-capped mountains against the background of the glacier with magnificent wild, is indeed a "Tibetan South Yangtze." For those who suffering from altitude sickness in Tibet, Nyingchi is simply a special and "tailor-made" best way for them to travel. Nyingchi means "the sun throne" in Tibetan Language. Nyingchi is located in eastern Tibet, the Brahmaputra River in Southeast, with an average altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level the lowest in the 152 meters only. With plentiful oxygen, people used to live in low-lying areas can stay comfortably.


Nyingchi has fertile land, abundant resources. 80% of Tibet's forests are concentrated here. From south to north throughout the Nyingchi, focused almost entirely on Hainan Island to the Arctic from a variety of vegetation, have been discovered and confirmed more than 3500 kinds. Nyingchi is the most beautiful place for its vast and beautiful flowers, and for the beautiful and fragrant flowers among the most famous peach. In mid-March to early April each year, from the mountain slopes to the valley. It is surrounded by verdant forests, verdant green all year round, between water, crystal clear.


Gala Nyingchi County Peach Blossom Village is a great place to tour, in stepped the backdrop of green wheat fields, rows of peach blossom like a green carpet dotted pattern on top. Peach Blossom Village Gala locates in Niyang River, less than 10 km from the town on August. Peach trees here are mostly wild peach. Stem thick and Emotion wild peach trees, flowers, small and numerous, Mimizaza, layer upon layer, like a glow.



2.Longquan, Sichuan

In every March, people will be unconsciously fascinated by the peach pink embellishment in Longquan. Peach Blossom Festival will be held here at this time, when the most special visitors come to enjoy the scenery, entertainment, leisure, rural areas and delicious homemade foods. Longquan, also known as peach hometown, is located in the suburbs of Chengdu. Longquan District is said to be the most undulating terrain to appreciate peach blossom. Spring comes in March each year; more than 17 million of peach trees blossoms in Longquan. The annual Peach Blossom Festival in Chengdu Longquan is one symbol of leisure and gas. During the peach, the most distinctive items are growers who run the family reception center; visitors enjoy the scenery in the flower farm in the tea and eat delicious homemade style meals in rural, do not have some fun.



3.West Lake, Hangzhou

Spring in March, the willows dance on the Su and Bai Causeway in the wind. Green leaves and white flowers mix together. Waves glitter on both sides. Little boat flow the water. The distance is kept the empty mountains, green and jade. Peach blossom varies. There is snow like silver; some are enchanting lovely; some shooting down according to the water, some are weeping umbrella category. In late March, the West Lake will come into flowering peach; the end of March to early April will be in full bloom, when the peach is the best time to watch.



4.Taoyuan, Hunan

Taoyuan County is located in the territory of Changde. Yuan River and Wuling Mountains run through this county. The tourist attractions, the old trees, the tall bamboos, the flowers and fragrance scatter among the area. In the March of each year, the peach blossom makes the area a fairyland. The peach blossom stretches for over ten miles. In the April of Spring, the field is covered with pink color.


If you feel dizzy blurred when looking at Peach Blossom, the venue might look to the Yi River, where the blue ripples cross rolling hills and lush pine bamboo. Liu Manor, the Peak of Peach Blossom Mountain and the Cliff are the most suitable places to enjoy and photo the peach blossom.