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Tianhou Palace

Located on Tianhou Street near the south gate of the city, Tianhou Palace is built solely for making sacrifices to Tianhou, or Mazu, a goddess who is believed to watch over sailors at sea and provide for their safely.

Tianhou Palace covers an area of nearly 9000 sq. meters. It was absolutely was created in 1196. It’s the primary A-Ma Temple to be listed jointly of China's National Key Cultural Relics Protection Sites.

There are fine carvings on the doors and windows, and there are terribly several ornamental options. The carvings and decorations are pictorial symbolizations of the essence of Taoism. The best purpose within the main hall is that the roof ridge and at each ends there are two dragons fidgeting with a pearl embellished with multicolored porcelain. The phoenix and also the dragon have an auspicious which means and celebrate longevity.

The Mountain Gate options a decorative archway. The carvings with soft and stylish lines are painted and also the pillars are embellished with stone dragons. The complete structure is magnificent and spectacular. The Opera Stage features a coping made from wood and also the engraved ridge of the coping is tiny and exquisite.

The legend has it that A-Ma was the daughter of a form and useful native villager living in Putian County of Quanzhou. Her mother had wished to possess another son to continue the family line. However, the baby was a lady, who when she became an adult made up our minds to stay single and to assist others throughout her life. She focused on finding out medication to stop illness, cure the sick and save lives. that the villagers engineered this Temple in her memory and an area where a celebration in her honor can be held annually. The emperors in past dynasties worshiped her as Goddess of the ocean or Heavenly Empress (Tianhou).

Though standing for thousands of years, the magnificent main hall and back hall are still in good condition. In the main hall, you can see vividly carved patterns in the windows and various reliefs showing the culture of Taoism.


Tianhou Palace Notes

1. The admission fee is CNY 5 for one adult.

2. The opening hour is from 08:00 to 17:00 every day.

3. City Bus No.5, 13 and 101 can take you there.