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Quanzhou Attractions

Tianhou Palace

Attractions Category: Palaces
There are fine carvings on the doors and windows, and there are terribly several ornamental options. The carvings and decorations are pictorial symbolizations of the essence of Taoism. The best purpose within the main hall is that the roof ridge ...
Quanzhou Maritime Museum

Attractions Category: Museums
Quanzhou Maritime Museum, the only museum dedicated to the history of Chinese overseas exploration, was set up in 1959. Designed like a huge ship, the old hall exhibits the components of a ship of Song Dynasty (960-1127) discovered in the ...
Qingshui Yan Temple

Attractions Category: Temples Monasteries and Mosques
Penglai Mountain in Anxi County is characterized by its majestic features which include perilous cliffs and secluded forests. On the mountain, nearly every temple or pavilion tells you a fairytale. Qingshui Yan Temple is a three-layer-tower-style architecture built with blue ...
Qingjing Mosque

Attractions Category: Temples Monasteries and Mosques
Built in 1009, Qingjing Mosque is the oldest example of Moslem architecture in China. It was located on Tumen Street in the Licheng District of Quanzhou. Now, Feng Tian Tan is the gate and the main prayer hall; and Ming ...
Mt. Qingyuan Scenic Area

Attractions Category: Scenic Lookouts
Lying in the northern suburb of the city, Mt. Qingyuan Scenic Area combines natural beauty with the religious cultures of Daoism and Buddhism. Walking along the trails, you'll be charmed by the various ponds, streams, and strange-shaped rocks. Thousands of ...
Kaiyuan Temple

Attractions Category: Temples Monasteries and Mosques
With a history of 1300 years, Kaiyuan Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Fujian Province. The temple is located on West Street of Quanzhou. Measuring over 40 meters (131 feet) high, the two pagodas in the temple are the ...