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    Sanya is the second largest city in Hainan province and is in the middle of the south part of Hainan Island. It's a transport and communication center, and one of the most important foreign trade ports in the extreme south of the golden coastline, which opens up to the outside world in the southeast of China. In addition, it is often considered China's "southern gate", and justifies its reputation as a vibrant subtropical oceanfront tourist city, so new on the International scene that much of it is still under construction.



    There are more than 20 nationalities, including Han, Li, Miao, and Hui, inhabit the city. There are altogether more than 463,700 people registered for permanent residence. Members of the Li nationality alone number 178,000 people living within the city.
    Sanya city, backed by its famous mountains and facing the ocean, could be a garden town jam-packed with coconut palms and different verdant splendors. at intervals the town is that the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Tourism Zone, with its wonderful sculptures of zoological and Buddhist themes, and also the Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone that includes a sculpture cluster of historical figures. Additionally, Luhuitou Park contains life-like sculptures in human kind that evoke the moving love story of "Luhuitou". Finally, there's the fashionable garden plaza that honors the national architect Luban worth. It additionally options sculpture clusters that facilitate transport the visitor back to additional precedent days in their imagination. There very is sort of an excessive amount of in all of those marvelous scenic spots to require in. Because of its remoteness, Sanya is also typically known as Tianyahaijiao, which implies the tip of the sky and ocean in Chinese.

    Nowadays, Sanya is a vital trade port in southern China to the globe, and conjointly known the globe with ''Oriental Hawaii'' for heat and humid climate and distinctive tourism resources. On the two hundred kilometers coastline, distribute the clouds Yalong Bay, giant East China Ocean, Luhuitou Park, Tianya Haijiao, seamount wonders, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone and alternative world-famous tourist attractions. Additionally, the native snacks and tropical fruit can cause you to feast on it. The foremost representative foods embrace Hainan rice noodle, Hainan rice dumplings, Bamboo-tube rice, Hainan chicken rice; fruits embrace mango, dragon fruit, litchi, jackfruit, durian, coconut etc.