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Dongtai Road Antique Market

Dongtai Road Antique Market,situated in Dongtai Road in the Luwan District of Dongtai, is a famous outdoor market where you can find so many "antiques". Though most of them are fakes, one is inclined to pardon the providers at this quiet special old flea market for any fakery, because Dongtai Road is the only remaining flea market in the Shanghai area which is still devoted to selling antiques.

Dongtai Lu Antique Market has features; here, among the toys and possible artificial antiques, you will run across slapping Mahjong tiles on tabletops to the accompaniment of shouts or old people loudly playing cards. Most of the flea market's stalls are run by women, who seem unceasingly to yak among themselves and with prospects, a further detail which adds flavor to Dongtai Road Antique Market.

Totally there are 125 stalls selling everything ranging from trinkets and curios to furniture items and various kinds of others that are called as true ancient stuff from Shanghai's old theatres.

Even though most of the "antiques" at Dongtai Road Antique Market are fakes, some are genuine far and away, and who would want to lost the possibility to find something really genuine from China's past, compared to the boatloads of stuff which is full of the world's market from China today?! The providers at Dongtai Road Antique Market also sell birds. They add fascination to the shopping experience undoubtedly. Remember to bargain the price, if you see something that draws your attention. It is said that ,the mid-afternoon heat, when things become quiet and providers start to show signs of tiredness, is the best time to make a deal.