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Shanghai City God Temple

Shanghai City God Temple, initially named Jinshan Temple, is situated in Huangpu district near the busy Yuyuan Market. It was structured in the reign of Yongle (1402—1624) Emperor in the Ming Dynasty. With a long history of about 600 years, City God Temple is one of the most important attractions in Shanghai.

Contemporarily , City God Temple covers an area of more than 1,000 square kilometers. There are many corporations around it, and here is regarded as the initial busy areas in Shanghai. The local specialties and products here attract lots of tourists from all over the world every year.

With wide effects both in home and abroad, City God Temple is so wonderful that whoever tour to Shanghai will pay a visit. And the Municipal Government of Shanghai has carried out a plan to turn City God Temple into a large modern shopping center for visitors and named it “Yuyuan Commerce Center” from 1991. Most constructs in this center were structured earlier than 1911 and they all keep their initial ancient style so far. Usually , the roads in that area are a little narrow and shops in the commerce center are laid out row upon row, selling different kind of goods with their own unique features. And these shops are always congesting. It is so charming with traditional and modern styles that you should not miss.

In the old City God Temple, what you must not miss is the delectable snacks. Snacks from different parts of Shanghai gather in Shanghai City God Temple.

Shanghai City God Temple Notes

You can take No. 932, 569, 920, 926, and 930 buses to get there.