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Sheshan National Holiday Resort

Situated in southwest Shanghai, North Songjiang District, Sheshan State Forest Park is a distinct forest park with a broad area and elegant environment. It is also the cradle of the city's civilization. It is one of the only hills in the Shanghai area, and famous for its distinct cultural interest and natural scenery. With the charming natural views, lush bamboo forest, profound religious culture, grand mountains and imposing buildings on the top of the mountain, it attracts lots of visitors from home and abroad.

Besides beautiful natural beauty, Sheshan is famous for its popular tourist attractions. Take Basilica Minor of St Mary for example, it is a Roman and Gothic-styled Catholic basilica along with a butterfly garden which occupies an area of 800-square-meters. Sheshan National Forest Park is another famous destination in the area, which is situated in the surrounding area. The area boasts of a rich historical and cultural relics, which is reflected in large numbers of relics, temples and landmarks, all of which are scattered throughout the area.

After years of construction, the local government completed building West Sheshan Park, East Sheshan Park, Xiaokunshan Park, Tianmashan Park, Sheshan Cableway, a bird garden, forest hotels and lots of service facilities for visitors. Now, Sheshan is the largest and the most beautiful multi-function park in Shanghai.

Specialties and Activities
There are many wonderful local products in Sheshan, such as bamboo shoots, blue tea and honey peaches. The bamboo sprout was called “Lan Sun” (‘Orchid Shoot’) by Kang Xi who was the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), because it smells like an orchid.

Some activities are also held on Sheshan Mountain every year. The Lan Sun Culture Festival and The International Sand Sculpture Festival are the most welcome one. The Sand Sculpture Festival is held every September to November, it offers you a good opportunity to enjoy classic sand works.

In a word, a trip to Sheshan is refreshing and will bring you a quite different experience. It  allows you to have a satisfying and pleasant holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life.